Heimdal Security for Consumers

Consumers, homeowners and families are identified as the most vulnerable by the creators of Ransomware

The immediate and long-term impact on individuals ranges from loss of financial security, concerns around personal being and vulnerability, to the fraudulent misuse of their identity, all of which have serious and far reaching implications in this modern and interconnected world.
Why are Consumers, homeowners and families a major target?
  • They don’t have data backups,
  • They have little or no cyber security education, which means they&rsquo,ll click on almost anything,
  • The same lack of online safety awareness makes them prone to manipulation by cyber attackers,
  • They lack even baseline cyber protection,
  • They don’t keep their software up to date (even if specialists always nag them to),
  • They fail to invest in need-to-have cyber security solutions,
  • They often rely on luck to keep them safe online (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “it can’t happen to me”),
  • Most home users still rely exclusively on antivirus to protect them from all threats, which is frequently ineffective in spotting and stopping ransomware,
  • Consumers don’t like to ask IT  providers or consultants for help for fear of not understanding their response and the potential fees charged for their response,
  • The sheer volume of Internet users that can become potential victims (more infected PCs = more money).
So, What steps to you need to take to be proactive and build on Online Security Fortess to protect yourself and your loved ones?
Our recommended solutions
  • Contact your own IT service provider and ask to have Hemidal Pro as part of your online security fortress
  • Contact an approved Heimdal Reseller and they will provide a suitable security solution for your business.
  • Contact us directly to discuss the Heimdal software that deals with second generation malware.

Our programs are automatically updated without us needing to worry about it, and we know that Heimdal protects the computer.

Through the traffic scanning engine, Heimdal fights advanced malware right from the user's PC, which is a great bonus, especially considering we have many employees that travel a lot and who are especially vulnerable to malicious attacks. We therefore feel safe while on-the-fly.

The Heimdal team was very supporting throughout the entire setup process and beyond. We started using Heimdal CORP to keep our PCs updated and to protect our endpoints from sophisticated cyber attacks.


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