Heimdal Security for Small Business & SOHO

Most of the world economies are supported by small to medium sized businesses or enterprises in various stages of growth, financial positions and levels of expertise in the seven areas of business management.
Identified to businesses as the second biggest challenge they will face in the coming decade regardless of size, sector and country is to be prepared against a ransomware attack.
The need for continued investment in proactive IT security systems has been undervalued, with a lot of companies focusing on efficiencies in the business systems using the advancement of IT software developments to improve their bottom line.
Thus neglecting or overlooking that advancement and more co-ordinated approach of calculated cyber criminals, and therefore exposing multiple vulnerabilities to the business and potential exploitation of malicious and financially devastating attacks.
Why ransomware creators and distributors target businesses:
  • Because that’s where the money is;
  • Because attackers know that ransomware can cause major business disruptions, which will increase their chances of getting paid;
  • Because most small to medium business owners wear many hats and haven't focused or assessed the impact of a cyber intrusion or ransomware attack.
  • Because computer systems in companies are often complex and prone to vulnerabilities that can be exploited through technical means;
  • Because the human factor is still a huge liability which can also be exploited, but through social engineering tactics;
  • Because ransomware can affect not only computers, but also servers and cloud-based file-sharing systems, going deep into a business’s core;
  • Because their IT provider is not fully aware of suitable combative software products in the market place that have credibility and are unable to proactively advise on best business IT Security practice.
  • Because cyber criminals know that business would rather not report ransomware attacks for fears of legal or reputation-related consequences;
  • Because of the lack of reporting the full scale of the problem within the business community is masked and therefore not front of mind of many business owners
  • Because small businesses are often unprepared to deal with advanced cyber attacks (which ransomware is) and have a lax BYOD (bring your own device) policy
Our recommended solutions
  • Contact your own IT service provider and ask to have Hemidal Corporate or Pro as part of your online security fortress
  • Contact an approved Heimdal Reseller and they will provide a suitable security solution for your business.
  • Contact us directly to discuss the Heimdal software that deals with second generation malware.

Our programs are automatically updated without us needing to worry about it, and we know that Heimdal protects the computer.

Through the traffic scanning engine, Heimdal fights advanced malware right from the user's PC, which is a great bonus, especially considering we have many employees that travel a lot and who are especially vulnerable to malicious attacks. We therefore feel safe while on-the-fly.

The Heimdal team was very supporting throughout the entire setup process and beyond. We started using Heimdal CORP to keep our PCs updated and to protect our endpoints from sophisticated cyber attacks.


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