Developed by world champions

The Heimdal security software was developed in 2011 by the 19th and 20th team Defcon CTF world champions in hacking, basically using the best hackers to hack the hackers. Heimdal is now used to protect organisations and users across the world against advanced attacks, wherever they may go. 
Heimdal is headquartered in Denmark and has instigated a strategic rollout around the world via various channels with targeted market reach philosophy.

Driven by experienced market experts

Since its incorporation in mid 2014 Heimdal has been driven by experts in cyber security. Who have selected the best people with the right attitude and required skillset to ensure the global rollout of  Heimdal is cohesive and streamlined to meet both demand and expectation from the market place.
This includes specialist security organisations such as BiDefender, BullGuard and Secunia. Heimdal is now one of the world’s fastest growing security platforms.

Live from infrastructure threat intelligence

Heimdal Security is part of Gartner’s selected 25 on Cyber Threat Intelligence Group and are the best operating as a collective in the cyber world. This allows Heimdal to deliver market leading threat intelligence to organisations that trust Heimdal around the world through the Heimdal suite of products.
In 2014 Heimdal Security was publically acknowledged along with others by both the FBI and Europol for their technical support in bringing down the second generation malware known as Gameover Zeus. 

The power of Heimdal as the intelligence

At Heimdal they gather their leading intelligence to combat cyber threats from a variety of sources such as
  • Reverse engineering malware
  • Penetrating and infiltrating malware infrastructure
  • Sinkholing
  • Domain monitoring
  • Zero hour monitoring
  • Attack analysis
  • Cracking domain generation algorithms
  • Crawling the darkest places of the Internet

Heimdal Security in the media

Heimdal cyber security alerts and educational resources have been featured on top media outlets from all geographies.