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Antivirus looks for files and actions, whereas Heimdal looks at traffic. Therefore, what we and they cover varies greatly. Heimdal prevents hackers from taking data from your PC and moving it out of your network.
Diagram of Heimdal and AntivirusThe last years proved that information theft and financial data leakage are major international issues, which continue to create security challenges for organizations, as well as private individuals.
That's why this product has been developed: to address the real-world need for a solution against cyber-criminals actions and their malicious tools.
Due to Heimdals' focus, they are recognized in the online community as fighters against cyber criminals and their malicious actions. To find out more about the unique technology that they built to address the online criminals' methods, take a look and find out more about Heimdal Security.

Skynet & Heimdal Ltd is proud to be the Distributors of Heimdal Security products to New Zealand and Australia .
IT Departments, Technology Consultants, & Computer Support technicians, you're customers need to be protected against second generation cyber-criminals.

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Corporate & Government

CEO’s and senior managers are now becoming aware that an initial attack Cyber-attack  or intrusion either by, compromised unit, careless insider or malicious insider is only the tip of the iceberg in the costs associated with the cyber-attack. Many business leaders still tend to think of the costs of a cyberattack in terms of those commonly associated with data breaches, such as the costs of notifying customers, providing credit monitoring services, or paying regulatory fines and legal fees.

Small Business & SOHO

Most of the world economies are supported by small to medium sized businesses or enterprises in various stages of growth, financial positions and levels of expertise in the seven areas of business management.
Identified to businesses as the second biggest challenge they will face in the coming decade regardless of size, sector and country is to be prepared against a ransomware attack.


Private citizens, homeowners and families are identified as the most vulnerable by the creators of Ransomware 
The immediate and long-term impact on individuals ranges from loss of financial security, concerns around personal being and vulnerability, to the fraudulent misuse of their identity, all of which have serious and far reaching implications in this modern and interconnected world.
Heimdal Corporate Edition security software

Norse Heritage

Heimdal SecurityWe get this question a lot and you're probably wondering too, so here goes:
The Heimdal Security name comes from Heimdallr, the Norse god who keeps watch over the future of Asgard. He's the guardian of the Bifröst, the bridge that connects our world to Asgard.
As our name shows, we derive some of our values from the Norse mythology. For example, Heimdallr has the gift of precognition, giving him the ability to foresee future events. In our day and age, we turn the legend into reality through our products, which protect users against cyber attacks before they happen.
Learn more about Heimdal. Who they are, where they came from, and what they stand for.
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