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Aaron Lovelace

Aaron is the technical brains behind Skynet.Net and has been involved in the I.T. industry for more than 20 years, starting with the old 486 computer and breaking, fixing, upgrading with a hands on approach, Aaron learned a lot of problem solving skills which have been advantageous to his on-going development in the I.T. industry.
In 2000 he had the opportunity to upgrade his skills and formalise his abilities whilst gaining an MCSE, MCP+I, and Certified Technician with Major Brands HP, Acer and Toshiba and other various technical Certificates.
He has since gone on to start and upgrade his business after realising that he preferred to be his own boss. He started Xtreme Technologies which evolved from a home business to now situated in Kaiapoi which has been running since October 2004 and has now started its 13th year.
He is now able to offer his technical ability and support for a security product that he believes is important for the survival of businesses world-wide against the ever growing cyber-attack threatening our digital freedom.

Martyn Cook

Martyn CookAbout 20 years ago I acquired a 2nd hand 486 computer which I fiddled with, poked, and prodded, until I broke it (deleted part of the OS in an attempt to find some hard-drive space). As a not very well off husband and father of 2, I didn't have the means to pay some-one to fix it for me. So I had to do it myself, which I did.
From there that PC and I went through a cycle of break/fix/upgrade and experiment for a few years. During that time the internet become more mainstream and I started seeing the possibilities it offered to small businesses.
In 2000 I was presented with the opportunity to formalise the skills and knowledge I had gained. A short sharp series of courses and I found myself with the following; MSCE, MCP+I, Certified Web Designer, and Certified Internet Business Strategist (Note: I was looking at Internet Marketing before it was 'a thing'!).
The following few years consisted of gaining experience 'on the shop floor' in various PC repair and IT support businesses until 2004 when I decided it was time to get rid of 'just one boss' and begin working for 'hundreds of bosses'. I have continued to collect certifications that relate to the web development and internet/social media marketing while gaining experience 'on the job'.
I'm now bring my experience to the distribution of what I believe to be one of the most important security tools for all businesses.

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Product Video Tour

For an in-depth tour of the Heimdal Corp Management Portal you can view this video presentation by Morton Kjaersgaard, Heimdal Securities CEO. Of particular interest is the demonstration of Heimdal protecting a machine from Cryptolocker even though it's made it into the system! This can be found starting at the 19:58 mark in the video.

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