Heimdal Security for Corporate & Government Agencies

CEO’s and senior managers are now becoming aware that an initial attack Cyber-attack or intrusion either by; compromised unit, careless insider, or malicious insider is only the tip of the iceberg in the costs associated with the cyber-attack. Many business leaders still tend to think of the costs of a cyberattack in terms of those commonly associated with data breaches, such as the costs of notifying customers, providing credit monitoring services, or paying regulatory fines and legal fees.
However there are the hidden costs that take time to surface are the costs and consequences of other, increasingly common attacks such as IP theft, cyberespionage, data destruction, or business disruption, which are much harder to quantify and can have a more significant impact to the business.
By understanding the true exposure a cyber-attack may pose to their businesses, executives and senior managers can begin to invest the relevant resources and technology solutions in a more focused manner.
Many large organisations are now starting to develop a more defend, be cautious and flexible approach combined with the better understanding and comprehension of the rate of evolution of cyber-attacks and that is now a requirement for a continual commitment to and elastic cyber risk management strategy
In a large corporations and government agencies the apportioned cost to a cyber-attack incident can be divided into 2 distinct categories. 
Immediate short term cost
  • The technical investigation
  • The customer breach notification
  • Post breach customer protection
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Public relations
  • Attorney fees and litigation
  • Cyber security improvements
Concealed long term cost
  • Increase insurance premiums
  • Increased cost to raise debt
  • Impact of operational disruption or distraction
  • Loss of value of customer relationships
  • Value of lost contract revenue
  • Devaluation of trade name
  • The loss of intellectual property
The aftermath of a cyber-attack or intrusion, has a potential life span of between 3-5 years conservatively.
Whatever the motive of cyber attackers, be it stealing IP secrets, causing operational disruption, committing fraud or stealing data records for financial gain. Cyber-attacks have deep and long lasting effects on any organisation.
Heimdal Security is a security solution that adds another layer of defence to your security infrastructure. Whereas Antivirus looks for files and actions, Heimdal looks after the in coming  traffic. What Heimdal and an antivirus covers varies greatly and it is important to understand that the two work simultaneously. Heimdal prevents hackers from taking data from your computer and moving it out of your network.
It is conservatively estimated  the cost comparsion between a small business and large company being cyber attacked could cost up to  15 x more, dependent of the size of the large company or organisation and level of breach /attack .
Our recommended solutions
  • Contact your own IT service provider and ask to have Hemidal Corporate as part of your online security fortress
  • Contact an approved Heimdal Reseller and they will provide a suitable security solution for your business.
  • Contact us directly to discuss the Heimdal software that deals with second generation malware.

Our programs are automatically updated without us needing to worry about it, and we know that Heimdal protects the computer.


Through the traffic scanning engine, Heimdal fights advanced malware right from the user's PC, which is a great bonus, especially considering we have many employees that travel a lot and who are especially vulnerable to malicious attacks. We therefore feel safe while on-the-fly.


The Heimdal team was very supporting throughout the entire setup process and beyond. We started using Heimdal CORP to keep our PCs updated and to protect our endpoints from sophisticated cyber attacks.


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