Your Cyber Security Solutions Provider Ltd is the exclusive distributor for Heimdal Security software within New Zealand and Australia .

Based in Demark, Heimdal Security was created in 2011 to work explicitly with banking institutions and major international corporations in Europe. It was in late 2014 when Heimdal developed a business model that acknowledged the needs of the consumer, small to medium businesses and larger organisations or entities outside of Europe for new and credible technology that is constantly being updated and providing current intelligence that is relevant against cyber-criminal attacks and database breaches. To date over 350000 users are protected using Heimdal.

Facts about state of cybersecurityIT Departments, Technology Consultants, & Computer Support technicians, you're customers need to be protected against second generation cyber-criminals. Help them now by becoming a Heimdal Security reseller.

Heimdal has instigated a strategic and systematic rollout to introduce Heimdal to the world, Heimdal aims to provide fit for purpose second generation malware protection solutions at an affordable price to all those online. Ltd,  as the exclusive distributor for New Zealand and Australia, is recognised as having an understanding of the cyber-security issues facing this part of Australasia and the subtle nuances, dynamics, business structures  and cultural mindsets that exist in the region.

For an in-depth tour of the Heimdal Corp Management Portal you can view this video presentation by Morton Kjaersgaard, Heimdal Securities CEO. Of particular interest is the demonstration of Heimdal protecting a machine from Cryptolocker even though it's made it into the system! This can be found starting at the 19:58 mark in the video.

Is your business and livelihood or personal identity worth 3 coffees per month?
If you purchase 3 coffees per month you can invest in Heimdal for one year’s protection against cybercrime and second generation malware.

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