Having robust data backup and retrieval systems in place is critically important given the increasing number of online threats potentially resulting in data loss or encryption

Techmedics works with you to understand your specific business needs, and then to tailor a solution that fits your requirements perfectly.

That might range from daily backups for your most critical data, through to monthly backups for data that is updated less often, for example.

In addition we can also work with you to integrate the solution into your Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery plans.


All our backup solutions are remotely monitored to ensure they are working as expected, and regular backup tests are conducted to ensure data can be recovered in line with the pre-agreed timeframe.

We recommend investing in a comprehensive back up plan as one of your best protections against online threats and equipment failure, as well as physical risk in terms of damage to your premises by fire, theft, earthquake or flood.

We use our own inhouse server to backup your critical data this is then backed up from our system via our business parter backup.co.nz to one of three data centers in New Zealand this ensures for redundancy in time of crisis.


Data security is paramount for any business that wants to operate in the digital age.



What does this mean for you.


1. Peace of Mind

2. Security of your files and data

3. Daily reports on your backups

4. Knowing where your data is stored

5. Data integrity.


Our service offers a previous version enhancment, what this means is that if you delete a file and then want it back 2 months later we can get it  for you as we have a 365 day retention period before files are gone for good once deleted.